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Osmo Whizz Wand™
Osmo Whizz Wand™Osmo Whizz Wand™Osmo Whizz Wand™

The Whizz Wand™ is known in the medical world as a “Urinalysis Reagent Strip.” You can use one to check your Urine Specific Gravity, which measure your hydration status. By tracking how much (and what kind of) fluid you have consumed, and comparing it to your hydration status, you will begin to understand how your own body uses fluids, and how much you need to drink to stay hydrated.


With Whizz Wands™, you can also track your recovery by monitoring any trace protein. There will be trace amounts of protein post-training, but in the morning, if there are still trace amounts showing up, it indicates you haven’t fully recovered from the previous day’s training; so you may want to back down your training and focus on an active recovery day.


You can also measure Leukocytes with the Whizz Wand™. If there is a positive result for leukocytes, it indicates you might be on the verge of getting sick; so focus on resting and you can avoid or minimize illness.


100 Whizz Wands per package.

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