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Why We Exist (and how this series can help you)

We created Osmo for us. If you sweat, you’re one of us. Whether you’re sprinting to a stage win at…

We created Osmo for us. If you sweat, you’re one of us.

Whether you’re sprinting to a stage win at the Tour De France, going for a PR in an Ironman, leading a paceline at a local fondo, or simply taking a trail run with your dog at sunrise—we want you to feel great and perform great.

We started OSMO for this sole purpose—as a way to help athletes like you (and us) perform with power and consistency. And we take this mission seriously. We’re in the business of nutrition products not as an end point, but as a means to an end—to help us all perform optimally. To feel Great. To be Great.

 We are a group of people who care about performance gains. So we actively learn how the human body works and share practical information about what to consume to help you perform at your best. Yes, we also create and sell the best all-natural hydration and recovery products, and we base them on peer-reviewed science to deliver measurable performance gains.  But what we care about most is our aim—knowing how the body works in detailed ways, and building products based on that knowledge to help athletes like you and us do what we love.

‘Your Body Your Edge’ is a series of blog posts on topics that are critical to help you achieve new levels of wellness and athletic performance. Our goal here is to focus on making this information accessible, readable, and actionable.

We conduct our own scientific research and review leading science publications. We’ll distill and translate what we’ve learned into concise summaries with as little jargon as possible. And offer clear recommendations to athletes like you regarding what to do to elevate your performance. We’ll cite the studies and sources, so (if you like this stuff) you can read more.

We’ll also outline ways to measure your performance so you can see for yourself if our advice and products are advancing your performance.

The posts in the ‘Your Body Your Edge’ series will revolve around physiological functions related to hydration, thermoregulation, metabolism, and recovery, since this is our wheelhouse.

We exist for you, so please let us know if what we’re sharing is useful for you, and what subjects you’d like us to cover in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for being a part of what we’re doing together.


Live long and perspire!